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Community Projects

One of the most rewarding things a person can do is to complete something challenging”

Alan Watts


Ferbane Library (2ft x 4ft)

Community Groups Programme Spring 2022


Making mosaics can be described as practical mindfulness. The concentration required to cut, shape and arrange the tiles doesn’t allow for much idle thought. The jigsaw like creation process involved stimulates a lot of right brain activity.

Participants instinctively learn to observe negative space (the shape created in the empty space around an object). This type of observation is constantly in use to understand what needs to be cut away in order to be left with the right shape to fit into the space in the mosaic composition.

This type of activity tends to capture the imagination of all involved and the prospect of working out the composition in different tesserae shapes, sizes and colours is very exciting.


The pace of making mosaics is always unhurried and deliberate, which leads to an atmosphere that is easy-going and relaxed whist being industrious and focused.

This can be a welcome oasis in a fast-paced technology driven modern lifestyle. The hands on contact with materials and engagement with techniques which can be dated all the way back to the roman mosaic masters from the 2nd century BC onwards.


The therapeutic nature of creating mosaics has many mental health benefits.

Putting the puzzle together is a very intuitive, fun and fulfilling process. The sense of achievement and contentment when the process is complete is not easily replicated. 


Banagher Library (2ft x 4ft)

IMG_2010 (1).JPG

Banagher Marina 

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