Schools Programme

A visual legasy created by your school community


Our Lady’s Bower, Secondary School, Athlone (2ft x 11ft)

Schools Programme Spring 2020

The contemporary mosaic projects we facilitate your students to create are intended to be legacy projects. A mark left by the group of students and staff involved in the creation of the mosaic. The projects can represent the spirit and values of your school or just function as a beautiful decorative artwork for a location in the school.


Mosaic designs can be developed with the input of the group. I will include below some sample images and mosaics of different types as reference for developing the design.


We would would be delighted to visit your school and help create a mosaic mural. The recent work we have created with schools and other groups has been a very enjoyable process for all involved. The completed mosaics are of a very high standard and each project ends up being very unique and inspiring. The vivid nature of the colours and composition has a transformative effect on the surroundings of location where it is installed.


Project Themes

Mosaic projects can be based on almost any theme, below are some possible themes.


·         Abstract Design based project, using colour, shape and other formal elements to create a strong design driven by the possibilities of the medium and materials involved

·         Contemporary Art projects.

·         A mosaic with a narrative/story, telling a story through representational images, symbols and icons.

·         A project based on something local or local history.

·         A theme conceived by the group.


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Banagher College (custom shape)


Pullough community garden (2.5ft x 3.5ft)


Birr Community School (2ft x 7ft)


Mount Seskin Community School (2ft x 4ft)