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Aidan provides a well-paced, informative and thoroughly enjoyable class. I
completed the full-day workshop where I got to learn the basics of mosaic making
and bring home a beautifully finished piece that made a fantastic Christmas present.
The entire day was so relaxing and enjoyable. I look forward to visiting again and
highly recommend it to anyone. Aidan is a great teacher and coach.

Elaine, Dublin

Absolute delightful class. You can go at your own pace. Aidan creates a nice relaxed
atmosphere. He guides and helps in an unobtrusive manner. Humour, sense of purpose and tea all guaranteed.           

Bernie, Ballinasloe

Excellent class, so relaxing and creative. Aidan is a great facilitator, helpful and laid
back. You can produce amazing mosaics even as a beginner. Highly recommended!

Nuala, Balinasloe

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